natural bamboo products

We are a distributor of construction and building materials from bamboo coming from controlled cultivation in central China. Our offer includes various thicknesses of single-layer boards as well as multilayer plywoods, all made of 100% natural bamboo. We have 7 years of experience in working with bamboo and all necessary tools (presses, CNC machines, paintshop), that is why we are able to implement all type of projects, either commercial or individual.


In our shop you will find single-layer as well as multilayer boards made of 100% bamboo in various colours, sizes and thicknesses. We are able to fulfil single and commercial orders as well as import any type of board in wholesale quantities on request.


In our offer you will find minimalistic tables, small coffee tables, desks and electric desks (standing/sitting). We also make individual projects on request such as kitchen countertops, window sills, shelves and many more.


For 7 years we have been cooperating with a trusted manufacture in China producing the highest quality bamboo boards. All our boards are class A1 or even class A0, which means they can be used with food.

We are able to fulfil every order. From small orders (single table top, shelf) to wholesale quantities (partition walls for offices, shop furniture or restaurant furniture).

We are proud to have the most personal approach among all providers. If you need any help, we are here to give advice or answer any question, always on the same day.

Most of the products are available in stock in Poland, therefore the order processing time is from 1 day to max. 7 business days. We ship orders within the European Union.







Fast growing, eco-alternative for wood and other building and construction materials. As plant that absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide over a lifetime than any tree! Bamboo with it's structure and properties resembles modern materials. It's stable, but thanks to the vascular structure extremely light and flexible. It surpasses wood, concrete and steel with its physical properties, being at the same time 100% renewable resource.





  • Building: furniture, windowsills, countertops, stairs, partitions, elevations; 
  • Construction: terraces, bowers, walls, railings; 
  • Decoration: lamps, pictures, small design elements;
  • Utilities: sport equipment (longboards, snowboards, skies, wakeboards), kitchen equipment (cutting boards), jewellery, glasses, watches, cases, etuis etc.


Inteligentne biurko z elektryczną regulacją wysokości do pracy na stojąco i siedząco. 



  • spalanie kalorii oraz ruch, pozwalający utrzymać ciało w lepszej formie niż w czasie pracy siedzącej;
  • szybsze i efektywniejsze wykonywanie zadań;
  • pozytywne oddziaływanie tej pozycji na kręgosłup;
  • większe skupienie na zadaniu, mniejsza senność w ciągu dnia



  • Aby pozyskać drewno z sosny potrzebujemy 30 lat, z dębu - 80 lat, z bambusa... tylko 4 lata!
  • Produkcja 1 tony stali emituje +2,02 tony dwutlenku węgla do atmosfery, produkcja 1 tony plastiku to emisja +2,71 ton CO2, produkcja aluminium to aż +6,69 ton dwutlenku węgla! Z kolei wyprodukowanie 1 tony produktów z bambusa to ujemny ślad węglowy (-0,45 tony dwutlenku węgla), co oznacza, że bambus w trakcie wzrostu pochłania więcej dwutlenku węgla niż jest produkowane w trakcie całego procesu jego przetwarzania i transportu.


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